Thirty Kantai Collection RO-500 Hentai Drawings

Here is our second Kantai Collection (KanColle) themed post of the day. This thirty image hentai gallery features RO-500, a RO-series Submarine that occupies card slot No.236 within the KanColle card game. She is the upgraded version of U-511 a Type IXC U-boat that normally occupies card slot No.231. After U-511 has been remodeled into Ro-500, her personality and behavior changed dramatically. RO-500 wears a school swimsuit, a cropped serafuku, slippers, a hair flower, and a bracelet. She is seen holding a life buoy and has a torpedo strapped to her back. I hope you enjoyed these thirty hentai drawings of RO-500 and that you come back often for more Kantai Collection porn galleries just like this one.

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