Thirty New Hentai Tentacle Porn Drawings

    Can you believe it’s almost been an entire year since we last seen any hentai tentacle porn around here?  While we generally shy away from dark content on The Hentai Pussy Pics Blog, October is always an exception. This is the only time of the year we feature galleries of horny monsters doing horrible things to cute and innocent anime characters. With Halloween comes all sorts of tricks, treats, and horrors that take us down a dark and twisted path. If you think our blog is taking a turn in the wrong direction, don’t worry! We’ll be back to posting all the usual cute and mainstream stuff as soon as November arrives.


    Thirty Hentai Tentacle Porn Drawings

    It’s been a long time coming, but slimy hentai tentacles have finally made their return to the Hentai Pussy Pics Blog. We’ve actually only ever posted one other tentacle gallery since we’ve started this blog over a year ago. It’s not like we have anything against them, but we decided early on to target a more mainstream hentai audience, rather than the fetish crowd that’s into darker subject matter. But with Halloween comes horror, and what’s more horrifying in the anime and hentai universes than women being violated by slimy hentai tentacles?


    Thirty Slimy Tentacle Sex Hentai Drawings

    Where ever you find hentai porn online, you’re bound to find a plethora of tentacle porn too! Those creepy slimy limbs from the abyss only seem interested in exploring and violating the orifices of any beautiful woman they can get a hold of. Have you ever stopped and thoughts about their true agenda? Where do they come from, why are they here, is anyone ever going to stop them? Ehhh.. it’s probably not worth thinking about, just have fun fapping to today’s tentacle sex hentai drawings.


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