More Anchovy Hentai Drawings From Girls und Panzer

More Anchovy Hentai From Girls und Panzer

Today, Anchovy from the Sensha-Dō team in Girls und Panzer makes her first return appearance. In the anime she made only two brief non-speaking appearances. She had a more prominent role in the manga, appearing in Chapters 7 to 9. While initially she gave quite a negative impression, after the match, she was shown in a somewhat better light, desiring victory for her team rather than for herself. Anchovy appeared prominently in the OVA, depicted in a somewhat different way; while she is still hot-blooded, determined and a little bit too self-confident, she is not rude towards her opponents. In today’s first gallery, you will be treated to 30 more hentai drawings of Anchovy from Girls und Panzer.

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