Thirty More Hentai Drawings Of Android 18 From Dragon Ball

Dragon ball is a cartoon that was originally created in Japan in the 1984. This was a cartoon that was more cartoonish than the modern series that we know today. The creators of this cartoon, Akira Toriyama created a show that was very different and kept growing as it progressed through the years. He made this cartoon to be something that anyone could enjoy. He really didn’t have any true intentions for it to become as popular as it has become. That is the reason why he had it have a very different cast of characters, then we are familiar with today.

One of the characters that we were introduced to was android 18. She was a pretty girl that lived in the future and was very loyal to the bad guy. She also possessed a good heart but the bad guy always got her into trouble. Android 18 was a nice lady who had the ability to change her form at will. She was a strong character because she had a sense of loyalty and discipline. She was a good friend to Android 17 and the two of them were almost like sisters.

The Android also had a wicked personality as well. She was a cruel person by nature and she enjoyed inflicting pain on people. The problem with her was that she was out of control and something just seemed to not be right with her. This is the reason why she eventually was killed off. Dragon ball is a show that does really well when it’s being watched on television. It is a great example of an animated cartoon and that is why I feel like there are so many fans of it today.

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