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Asian Sex Chat: The Way To Test All Those Hot Sex Myths

The ‘yellow fever’ is quite a negative expression to use because it denigrates undeservingly a whole large group of people just by their skin color and hints that being obsessed with something is bad. Neither implication is OK, so we will use more appropriate term, Asian fetish, to talk about love for Asian girls, and encourage you to do the same (both, we mean: use polite words and love those amazing exotic gals).


No matter the words, the craving for Asian ladies is everywhere, from TV shows to sex chats. No wonder that Asian cam models are now the hottest trend, everyone wants to have them in private rooms all to himself. Why so and what beliefs make you (and everyone else) want those sleek chicks so badly?

Aside from pure exotics of their looks, there exist a whole bunch of juicy myths, and many a guy was surprised to learn those myths were fake (or at least partially fake).

Asian Cam Models Chat And Popular Myths

We decided to gather and discuss some persisting myths, so that you approached those amazing seductive girls in the chat with more confidence and understanding. Otherwise you may face a wild burst of laughter that will discourage you from further steps. The girl may react more politely, for sure, but the surprise and your own embarrassment may well interfere with your erotic adventures.

Myth 1. Laughable one: Asian girls have sideways vaginas.

We giggle as we write it. Do not know where it comes from, but it is a total fake. Pretty Asian girls have normal vaginas, and that’s a great piece of news. Otherwise, you’d have to have some weird configuration of your dick to be able to fuck them. We are not sure you will like this prospect. So when in chat with hot Asian cam models, you will encounter pretty normal pussies that you’d gladly fuck (and they will gladly stuff those pink pussies with dildos for your pleasure, mind that).

Myth 2. Asian girls have small tight pussies.

Well, the size of pussy often depends on overall size of a girl, and a slender narrow-hipped petite Chinese or Japanese girl will likely have a smaller pussy than, say, a chubbier and higher African American girl. But that’s all to it. If a model is really tiny, she will have a tight hole, but a larger or mature chick will have more trained pussy that can accommodate very big instruments. So, do not get disappointed or bewildered. A tiny pussy will let a chick only finger herself or use teeny tiny toys, which is fine if you like the moderate kinds of sex. But if you want to see wild fucking with dildos that will put an elephant to shame, look for Asian cam models with more stretched ‘varieties’. That’s where the biggest fun begins (pun unintended but up to the point, hehehe).

Myth 3. Asian girls are all very submissive and reserved.

If you want them to, they will play this part. Just state it clearly right from the start. However, Asian girls are quite fierce, pragmatic and bossy in their life approach. They are great dominatrixes and boss ladies, menacing and beautiful. So if you enter the chat, do not expect to see them all waiting modestly for you to start giving orders. Instead, you will likely jump right into the middle of a very messy erotic game where you will be led and handled as she pleases, and you will thoroughly enjoy every single minute of it. Remember all those breathtakingly beautiful and sexual Asian murderesses and villainesses in old Hollywood movies – they are more true to life than you may expect.

Myth 4. Asian girls are very beautiful in that particular way.

True. Asian women look exotic to a Caucasian eye, with that peculiar eye slant, porcelain skin, lush dark hair and delicate body type. In their finesse they resemble antique figurines and engravings, but they are all real, warm flesh and red blood, ready to make your blood boil as well. And let’s be honest, you come to Asian chats just to see those lush flowers of girls and experience what they can give you (and they can gave and take a lot). Silly myths get forgotten at once, curiosity gives way to pure desire, and the mysterious Orient calls you through delicate lips and welcoming pink pussies of these amazing girls.

So hear the call and respond to it with all your manly might – now.

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