Thirty Hentai Drawings Of Athena Asamiya

Thirty King Of Fighters Athena Asamiya Hentai Drawings

Today’s double post theme will once again involve fighting games and will feature 2 characters from The King of Fighters series. First up is Athena Asamiya, a character that originally debuted in the 1986 SNK arcade action game Psycho Soldier. She is a distant relative and modern-day counterpart of Princess Athena from Athena. She later appears as a regular fighter in The King of Fighters series ever since 1994. Athena Asamiya is perhaps best-known for changing her outfit and hairstyle for virtually every installment of the KOF series. She is an outgoing, polite, and friendly girl with righteous virtues and well-meaning morals. See thirty softcore and hardcore hentai drawings of Athena Asamiya from The King of Fighters here!

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