Breast Pressing Pictures For Yuri And Oppai Hentai Fans

Thirty Yuri Breast Pressing Hentai Drawings

Today I’m introducing a new category to the oppai hentai porn found here on our blog! This new category will simply be known as “breast pressing,” and it now has its own dedicated tag. So what is breast pressing? In today’s gallery “breast pressing” refers the act of two lesbian girls squishing their tits together when they hug or embrace. But in future posts, breast pressing will also refer to solo women pressing their tits against glass or other transparent surfaces. So for today, you can enjoy thirty of the finest yuri hentai I could find that involves girls pressing their tits against each other. Oppai size varies between images, but most girls have breasts on the larger size. These breast pressing hentai images are also more softcore than our previous yuri posts, with most drawings falling in the ecchi category.

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