Thirty Hentai Pictures Featuring Pokemon’s Elesa

Thirty Pokemon Hentai Drawings Featuring Elesa

Elesa is Gym Leader of Nimbasa City’s gym of the Unova region and made her first appearance was in Pokemon Black and White. She is a fashion model who specializes in Electric-type Pokemon. Elesa is a tall, very slender young girl. She has bright blue eyes and her hair color alternates between black and blonde. Elesa was initially portrayed to be a very calm and stoic character which is often compared to her more cheery and outgoing personality in the Anime and Pokémon trailers. Much like the other Gym Leaders of her type, Elesa prefers to show off her skills with a sense of style and a performance to accompany it. In today’s gallery, you will be treated to 30 softcore and hardcore hentai drawings of Elesa from the Pokemon series… enjoy!

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