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While you may feel like all of the porn sites are the same and everything is boring sometimes, let me assure you – you are wrong! And you are about to discover your next favorite thing: Hentaied.

Porn makes up a huge chunk of traffic on the Internet

Noone questions that porn is popular on the web, but how popular exactly? We may hear that some people estimate it as high as 30-40% of the total traffic, but is that true?

Well, according to a Boston University study, about 13% of the traffic is pornographic content on desktop, and as high as 20% on mobile – that means 1 of every 5 queries is porn! So it is safe to say that we love porn. For example, PornHub is not only ranked high among porn sites, but it is one of the most visited of ALL sites.

1 traffic

“…the site receives a monthly 3.42 billion hits and with each visit lasting 10 minutes and 25 seconds the site is responsible for streaming monthly content that would take 65,068 years to watch!”

Fun fact: believe it or not, the Internet may have been a dirtier place in the past – up to 40% of traffic was porn! But we should also note that the userbase and the available sites were much lower.

The world of porn is changing

While porn has always been mostly centralized some things are changing. You are probably familiar with MindGeek, the parent company between several of the biggest tube sites (PornHub, RedTube, Brazzers, etc.) or a handful of other names, but there are fewer players than you would guess.

Why is that? In the past production and distribution were a lot more daunting tasks for adult content creators. Even if they had amazing material, they just couldn’t reach out to millions of potential customers.

However, a lot of things have changed since then. The advance of fast Internet connection, high-quality webcams, and easily accessible platforms transformed the industry and opened new opportunities for producers and solopreneurs alike.

Indie porn on the rise

The appearance of platforms like Streamate, OnlyFans, and PornHub Community obviously benefits amateur entertainers or couples, but the changes affect studios positively too. In the past, AVN awards was one of the few notable award shows for adult moviemakers, but now we see multiple awards shows for a whole range of sub-genres, such as CineKink, HUMP!, Good Vibes Amateur Erotic Film Competition, and many more.

2 avn awards

Since the biggest studios try to appeal to the vast majority of viewers, they leave many desires unmet. An interesting initiative is PinkLabelTV which aspires to be the Netflix for porn. It is a subscription-based streaming service where you can watch hundreds of indie adult films.

Rule 34 suggests that if something exists, there is porn of it. You don’t have to dig deep to find some REALLY weird stuff on forum sites like 4chan or Reddit, but high-quality porn is still a rare gem. This is the reason why niche porn sites like Hentaied exist.

What is hentai?

In Western culture, the word ‘hentai’ refers to a genre in pornography, but it’s different in Japan. Originally a word representing something strange, perverse act now it is used in a much broader sense in Western culture.

3 hentai site

For us, hentai videos don’t necessarily have anything bizarre, all forms of erotic anime are called hentai. On the other hand, there are definitely plenty of hentai videos that still include pretty bizarre scenery: fiendish creatures, dozens of crawling tentacles, cumflation, and oviposition just to name a few.

Hentaied uses familiar elements from the aforementioned genre. A huge load of ahegao, tentacles, bukkake, and strange creatures.

Hentaied: something new

Hentaied was just launched last March, but Romero, the founder of the studio is not new to the industry. He got involved with porn at the age of 18, initially working for dominas while studying cinematography and editing.

After getting more familiar with the scene, he founded his own production company, Defeated with the dream of making kinky stuff look great on screen. While working on Defeated, he saw an increasing demand for hentai, therefore he set on a quest to bring us real-life hentai.

4 hentaied homepage

Ever since their start, the videos have received exceptional reception. People are going crazy for the unusual, but nonetheless sexy scenes. It has been featured on the trending page of PornHub multiple times, on several blogs, and been tweeted by huge industry players many times. In 2021, Hentaied is planning to go mainstream.

Hentaied’s vision: cumflation, oviposition, and more tentacles

In their own words, Hentaied is working on real-life hentai, ahegao, and tentacle porn. So far, the site has 40+ videos and the number is steadily growing.

If you look at the site you can spot the increasing number of movies featuring those nasty tentacles. And we can expect to see even more. The majority of recent movies – Stuck, Mr. Alien always knocks twice, An alien inside, Tiny teen tentacled and so on – all included tentacles. “2021 will be the year of tentacles,” said Romero.

Besides tentacles, you will also find popular genres from hentai videos like cumflation and oviposition. If you are not familiar with these terms, Google it. You won’t regret it.

5 all the way through

Additionally to the unique and eye-catching scenes, Hentaied works with some of the best rising stars of the industry, such as Jia Lissa, Canela Skin, Alya Stark, and May Thai.

An average day of an indie porn studio

As an indie studio owner, Romero has to do many of the tasks himself. This can mean days or even weeks of 12-16 hours of work with shooting scenes and editing content. And that’s just half of it, he also has to work on online presence and seal deals with actors and partner sites.

While the workload is tremendous, the achieved successes speak for themselves: since its inception, Hentaied has made its way to the top 10 on ManyVids, #1 in Clips4Sale in its category, and been featured on the homepage of PornHub multiple times. And a bunch of funny stories can happen from time to time.

“So one time PornHub wanted a boy/girl scene from us. And our experience was that most of our viewers didn’t really like male actors in our movies. So we came up with an idea. What if the guy was invisible? Hence, ‘The Invisible Man  A Stepsister Story’ was born!”. Well, modern problems require modern solutions.

6 invisible man

It can also be quite challenging sometimes, explains Romero: “Sometimes this kind of work can put you in situations you wouldn’t have expected yourself to be. I mean, do you know how hard is it to put 4 tentacles in a girl’s ass in a bath of oil?”

Quadruple tentacle penetration and elf reproduction

You can easily see what Hentaied is about by watching any of the videos. Some of the most liked videos are Quadruple tentacle penetration and Elf reproduction. Can you guess what they are about? Yup, you got that right.

In ‘Quadruple tentacle penetration‘, Kitana Lure is chilling in her home when she receives an unexpected otherwordly visitor. Soon, she finds all of her holes filled with thick, dark tentacles.

7 quadruple tentacle pen

Did you know that elves give birth by eggs? ‘Elf reproduction‘ gives you a glance into the secret life of elves, specifically – just as the name suggests – about their reproduction. This scientific episode will surely leave you no doubt about the uniqueness of Hentaied.

8 elf reproduction

Custom videos

Can’t get enough? If you would like to make your wildest fantasies come true, Hentaied can help. Just drop a message to romero@hentaied.com with your idea and a custom-made video will be made for you in up to 24k quality.

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