Himiko Toga My Hero Academia Hentai Drawings

Himiko Toga is one of the major supporting characters and a member of the League of Villains in My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia). She and the rest of the Vanguard Action Squad serve as the main antagonists of the Forest Training Camp Arc, and she is also featured as an antagonist during the Hero License Exam Arc and the Internship Arc. Himiko is a relatively petite girl with blonde hair, which she wears in messy styled buns on both sides of her head. Himiko is a very cheerful girl, to the point of smiling even after having presumably killed someone, displaying apparent sadistic tendencies. Even when danger is imminent, Himiko continues smiling. She’s also frequently seen blushing, though seemingly out of excitement rather than embarrassment, giving her a permanent somewhat lovesick look on her face. In today’s gallery, you will see thirty softcore and hardcore hentai drawings of Himiko Toga from My Hero Academia.

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