Thirty More Hentai Pics Of Hsien-Ko From Darkstalkers


Hsien-Ko is one of the main characters first introduced in Night Warriors: Darstalkers’s Revenge and latter in other Darkstalkers sequels. She has also appeared in many fighting games such as Street Fighter series, Pocker Fighter, Project X Zone, Namco x Capcom and Marvel vs Capcom 3. Her character is Jiang Shi – Chinese hopping vampire. She and her sister where both born in small village Senjutsushis and they whey raised to be Senjutsushis. On the ceremonial night when they should become Senjutsushi, their village has been attacked by supernatural beings Darkstalkers. If you like the story you can check the rest of it here. In this Hentai Gallery we present you Ksein-Ko with thirty hentai pics.

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