Jeanne D’Arc Santa Lily Hentai From Fate/Grand Order

Jeanne D'Arc Santa Lily Hentai From Fate/Grand Order

Jeanne D’Arc from Fate/Grand Order returns, but this time she looks drastically different then ever before! Her Alter Santa Lily form is an event reward from the Christmas 2016 Event and Christmas Event re-runs. Taking form after Joan Alter drank Gilgamesh’s Potion of youth to become “Joan of Arc Alter Lily” and then gaining the title of “Santa” while aiming to become “Santa Joan of Arc.” Her personality closely resembles the original Jeanne with a touch more immaturity. In other words, she is too serious, inflexible, and acts rashly at times. Her divergent point from the original Jeanne is probably the fact how, upon getting into a panic, she gets all flustered and starts crying in the end, throwing her surroundings into a chaos. In today‚Äôs gallery, you will see thirty hentai images of Jeanne D’Arc (Alter Santa Lily) From Fate/Grand Order, enjoy!

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