More Hentai Pictures Featuring Pokemon’s Jessie

More Hentai Pictures Featuring Pokemon's Jessie

Today’s second Pokemon gallery features the return of Jessie. She usually wears a customized Team Rocket uniform that complement’s James’ : a short black shirt that exposes her midriff under a white high collared sleeved shirt emblazoned with a large red R, a white miniskirt, black leg-length boots, and long black arm-sleeves. Jessie is the short tempered one of the Team Rocket trio, having a very tough streak personality of being vain and very prone to anger. Every time she has stolen someone else’s belongings or Pokemon, she always claims, “Your things are mine, my things are still mine.” Due to her pride, she usually underestimates her opponents’ strength, which is a cause for her own failure.┬áIn our second gallery of the day, you will be treated to 30 more hentai drawings of Jessie from the Pokemon series… enjoy!

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