Thirty New Hentai Pics Of Haguro From Kantai Collection

Haguro from Kantai Collection also makes her return in today’s second gallery! She played a prominent role in the early battles of WW2 near Java, taking part in the sinking of destroyers HMS Encounter and HNLMS Kortenaer, the light cruiser HNLMS De Ruyter and heavy cruiser HMS Exeter. She continued to play an active part in the war, albeit often as anti air escort, taking part in the battles of the Coral Sea, Eastern Solomans, Guadalcanal evacuations, the action at Empress Augusta Bay, Battle of Philippine Sea and Leyte Gulf. Operation Dukedom was arranged specifically to hunt Haguro as she and Ashigara were the only significant naval forces left defending Singapore. In today’s second gallery, you will see thirty new hentai pics of Haguro from Kantai Collection!

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