Busty Hentai Pictures Of Hamakaze From Kantai Collection

A Kantai Collection Hentai Gallery Staring Hamakaze

We’re still feeling guilty about having not posted much Kantai Collection hentai lately. Do you think that by posting back to back Kantai Collection galleries is a good way to redeem ourselves? The series has plenty of firm tiny titties and soft big breasts for us to stare at for weeks on end. We felt that Hamakaze, in particular, deserved a gallery here on the blog. She is one of the bigger breasted characters from the series. Her name means “beach wind” or “coastal wind.” Doesn’t that name already have you imagining Hamakaze nude on the beach with the wind blowing through her hair? There is a mix of ecchi, hardcore, and titty fucking to gawk at in this selection of thirty images.

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