Thirty Hentai Pictures Of Kantai Collection’s Ryuujou

Kantai Collection Ryuujou Hentai Gallery

And here it is, our second Kantai Collection post of the day. It is a thirty image hentai gallery featuring Ryuujou, a Ryuujou Class Light Carrier. She occupies card slots No.30 and No.157 within the online card game. Ryuujou shares many characteristics with the Hiyou-class such as being a shikigami-using onmyouji, wielding a flight deck scroll and having some of the same clothing choices. She wears a black skirt, a magatama and a maroon/dark red kariginu-like coat over a white shirt. Ryuujou has dark brown hair in twintails and wears a visor cap resembling a ship’s bow. Overall, she also looks smaller and younger than all of the other carriers, notably, having a visibly flat chest.

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