Thirty Hentai Pictures Of Kantai Collection’s Taigei

Kantai Collection Sazanami Hentai Gallery

You guys really seemed to have loved when we posted back to back Kantai Collection hentai galleries last month. Which such high approval, we have no choice but to continue posting two KanColle galleries at a time from here on out. Our second gallery of the day features a purple haired Taigei Class Submarine Tender. Her name is the same as her class “Taigei,” but changes to “Ryuuhou” when upgraded to a Ryuuhou Class Light Carrier. Her card numbers are 184, 185 (upgrade), and 190 (second upgrade). Taigei” means “big whale”, thus she’s often depicted as having large breasts and wearing a whale hairpin. Today’s you will see 30 hentai pictures of this girl in both Taigei and Ryuuhou forms.

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