Thirty Hentai Drawings Of Kantai Collection’s Tatsuta

Thirty Kantai Collection Tatsuta Hentai Drawings

Lucky you, you just so happened to visit our blog on a two for Tuesday Kantai Collection posting day. In this, our first post of the day, you’re getting thirty hentai drawings of Tatsuta. She is a Tenryuu Class Destroyer that occupies card slot No.29 within the official KanColle card game. Tatsuta has short purple hair with matching eyes. She wears a one-piece school uniform with a skirt and has a mechanical halo above her head. She has a demure, yet somewhat sadistic personality and her weapon of choice is a glaive. I hope you enjoy these mostly uncensored hentai pictures of Tatsuta and stick around for our second Kantai Collection post of the day coming in a few minutes.

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