Keiko Ayano (Silica) Hentai From Sword Art Online

Keiko Ayano Hentai From Sword Art Online

We’re long overdue for another Sword Art Online hentai gallery, don’t you think? So let’s pick up where we left off and introduce Keiko Ayano, otherwise known as Silica, in our latest SAO update. Keiko is a supporting character in the Aincrad Arc, one of the main characters of the Girls Ops spinoff, along with Suguha Kirigaya (Leafa) and Rika Shinozaki (Lisbeth), and a reoccurring character throughout the Sword Art Online series. In both the real world and Sword Art Online, Keiko’s hair is light brown and tied into two tails by red ribbons, as well as two red ring baubles for her SAO avatar. In our first hentai gallery of the day, you will see 30 softcore and x-rated drawings of Ayano Keiko from Sword Art Online

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