Thirty Cute Hentai Girls Wearing Japanese Kimonos

Originally, “kimono” was the Japanese word to describe all clothing in general. But in more recent years, the word has been used to refer specifically to traditional Japanese clothing. Over time, as the practice of wearing kimonos in layers came into fashion, Japanese people began paying attention to how kimonos of different colors looked together, and they developed a heightened sensitivity to color. Typically, color combinations represented either seasonal colors or the political class to which one belonged. It was during this time that what we now think of as traditional Japanese color combinations developed. Nowadays, Japanese people rarely wear kimonos in everyday life, reserving them for such occasions as weddings, funerals, tea ceremonies, or other special events, such as summer festivals. Today’s hentai gallery contains 30 ecchi images of cute girls wearing Japanese kimonos… Enjoy!

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