Forty Hentai Pics Of Kohaku From Dr. Stone

Kohaku 22

Kohaku is main female character in Dr. Stone manga and anime series. One decisive day, all of humankind was turn to stone by a blinding blaze of light. Following a few centuries, high schooler Taiju wokes up to find himself lost in a world of statues. In any case, he’s not the only one! His science-adoring companion Senku’s been ready for action for a couple of months and he has an great plan! To upgrade civilisation with the power of science! Kohaku is descendant of modern humans. She is Ruri younger sister (they both appear in our gallery). Kohaku is very loyal to Taiju and Senku. She is very strong, fast, agile and she has great endurance. She has blonde hair tied in spiky ponytail, blue eyes and slim but curvy figure with large breasts!

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