Thirty More Hentai Pics Of Mai Shiranui From King of Fighters

Mai Shiranui 7

Mai Shiranui is female mascot and sex symbol of SNK. She was rated #4 in “top 10 Babes in girls” category and #5 in Game Informer “top ten hottest girls in 16bit era”. This alone tells a lot! After all, this is our 4th Mai Shiranui gallery so far. She is character in The King of Fighters series and Fatal Fury. She also appear in Dead or Alive series in 5th and 5th installments. Mai is a modern-world young female ninja and she uses Shiranui-Ryuu fighting style. She has ability to create and control fire. She is brunette with large breasts and with red ninja garb. In this gallery we present you with 30 mores hentai pics. Make sure you check out our previous Mai Shiranui Galleries.

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