Hentai Drawings Of Marisa Kirisame From Touhou Project

Thirty Hentai Drawings Of Marisa Kirisame

Marisa Kirisame is a character from the Touhou Project video game series. She is an ordinary human magician who specializes in light and heat magic and currently resides in the Forest of Magic. She is a very self-confident person that likes to stick her nose into trouble out of curiosity. She is also known as a hard worker, who’s trying to catch up to Reimu with her secret training and magic development. Marisa is the author of The Grimoire of Marisa, a collection of notes about spell cards used by her and other danmaku users she has encountered. In our 2nd gallery of the day, you will see thirty hentai drawings of Marisa Kirisame from Touhou Project.

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