Thirty To LOVE-Ru Hentai Drawings Featuring Mikan Yuuki

To LOVE-Ru Hentai Drawings Of Mikan Yuuki

Mikan Yuuki is the independent and reliable 12-year-old little sister of the main protagonist in the To Love-Ru series. In contrast to her brother, she is very mature and does not hesitate to tease him, going as far as lying that they aren’t blood-related, but quickly retracting the statement and telling the truth. Mikan has small breasts, brown hair, and golden brown eyes, she is described as being really cute by most characters. Because she is very good at cooking and housework, she essentially takes care of her big brother. Rather than looking up to him, she instead treats him like he is her little brother, and rarely calls him “Onii-chan”. In today’s featured hentai gallery, you’ll see thirty images of Mikan Yuuki from the To LOVE-Ru series.

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