Thirty Hentai Pics Of Mirai Kuriyama From Beyond the Boundary

Mirai Kuriyama 4

Mirai Kuriyama is main character in Beyond the Boundary anime series. She is the last survivor of a clan of Spirit World warriors. Clan members had the power to employ their blood as a weapon. She has a task to hunt down and kill “Youmu” – Creatures said to be manifestation of negative human emotions. Mirai is a first-year secondary school student with the ability to control blood and turn it into weapon (usually sabre). Her ability causes her to isolation and one day she jumped off the roof of high school. Mirao was saved by Akhito. She is clumsy and she rarely stands out in school. Truth be told, she battles basically throughout everyday life; she needs to acquire her own cash for life expenses. She has peachy hair and red glasses. Mirai Kuriyama has petite body with Small breasts.

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