The Best Neko Moe Artwork Of March 2018

This month’s all moe gallery is guaranteed to make you go “meowowza”. That’s because this gallery is all themed around neko catgirls drawn by Japan’s best non-erotic artists. The Japanese regard cats as a good luck charm, and who wouldn’t want a little good luck in these crazy and dark times? Back in the 1950s, Japanese manga began depicting catgirls – typically called Nekomusume or Nekomimi. No one knows for sure why manga authors were inspired to create these cat-human hybrids, though it may have something to do with ancient Japanese folklore describing magical cat spirits called Bakeneko (sometimes known as NekoMata). Strangely enough, Japan was not the only country with a strange cat-girl fascination. Right around the same time period, American audiences were being exposed to catgirls too, including Catwoman in the 1940’s, Josie and the Pussycats in the 1970s, and the 1980s musical, Cats.

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