The Best Bunny Themed Moe Artwork Of April 2018

Easter may now officially be over, but we’ve still got some Bunny Girl leftovers for you guys. This month’s selection of all moe artwork focuses specifically on girls with or wearing costumes that portray rabbit ears. Rabbit in Japanese is usagi (うさぎ). However, if you wish to say bunny, which is kind of a cuter form of rabbit you can shorten it to usa or usa-chan (うさ) or (うさちゃん). A Bunny Girl, also known as Usagimimi in Japanese culture, is a human female character that features rabbit-like ears on the top of her head, either in the form of a bunny ear headband or naturally occurring rabbit-like ears. Bunny Girls most often wear a “bunny suit” along with the implementation of ears and may either still carry human ears or maybe missing their human ears as naturally occurring rabbit-like ears replace them.

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