Forty Hentai Pics Of Moka Akashiya From Rosario + Vampire

Moka Akashiya 10

Moka Akashiya is main female protagonist in Rosario + Vampire manga and anime series. Story is set in Youkai Academy in which students are monsters who are learning to coexists with humans. All students attend the school in human form, that’s why we have both gallery of Moka Akashiya in Human and Vampire form. She is the most attractive girl on campus. She is sweet and kind person. She is wearing rosary around her neck to keep her true nature as vampire. When she turns into Vampire her pink hair turns into silver hair, her pupils turns to slits and most important one, her personality rises to surface and she become cold and bloodthirsty. Enjoy both 20 pics in Moka human and 20 pics in Moka Vampire form! She has average breasts and slim body figure!

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