Thirty Hentai Drawings Of Momiji Inubashiri From Touhou Project

In our second gallery of the day, we’ll focus on Momiji Inubashiri from the Touhou Project series. Momiji is a white wolf tengu whose duty is to patrol the Youkai Mountain. She has a very co-operative personality who executes her duties faithfully. When she’s got free time on her hands, she’ll play Dai Shogi with the kappa. Momiji has large breasts, white hair, red eyes, and a wolves ears and tail. Her wolf-like appearance may be a reference to the Tiangou, a Chinese version of a tengu that is described to be more dog-like. In today’s second hentai gallery you will see 30 naked and x-rated images of Momiji Inubashiri from Touhou Project.

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