Hentai Drawings Of Muramasa Senju From Eromanga-Sensei

Thirty Hentai Drawings Of Muramasa Senju From Eromanga-Sensei

Muramasa Senju is a light novel author and a devoted fan of Masamune Izumi in the Eromanga-Sensei series. Muramasa is a huge fan of Masamune’s works and was very upset when she learned he was switching his battle genre to a romantic comedy. She is very upfront in her desires to get closer to Masamune and doesn’t trust Elf Yamada. Muramasa often gets irritated or angered by Elf’s advancements towards him. Muramasa has purple bob cut hair, lavender eyes, and a slender figure with large breasts. She is always seen in a kimono or yukata and classical obi sandals. Her fingers on her right hand are constantly bandaged from constantly writing to the point of hurting herself. In today’s second gallery, you will see thirty ecchi and hardcore hentai drawings of Muramasa Senju from Eromanga-Sensei.

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