Erotic RPG game Need for Sin will make you glued to your seat for hours

The game we’re reviewing today is called Need for Sin, a turn-based RPG strategy. It’s created by GETHINS studio and you can play it for FREE on both mobile and browser via Ero games website!

I have been a gamer for 20 years and I’m also into Hentai for long time, so I think I’m competent enough to make this review

Story and presentation

You are placed in a middle of gang wars. You control a team of gangsters and your objective is to complete missions and to eliminate enemies’ teams.  While doing so you will level up and you will have option to upgrade your gang members as well. 

Don’t worry you have a tutorial which is going to introduce you to the gameplay and story. After the tutorial you will be caught by the Feds and you will meet Old Lady who’s going to give you orders you need to follow in order to complete missions.

Need for Sin Hentai

The current story has a prologue and nine chapters. Every chapter contains 6 missions each. Every time you finish a mission, you unlock awards. In mission 1-5 its new heroes – Sexy sluts, and every 6th mission is new car.  Each gang member have own set of skills, and they are also assigned a class with unique abilities.

Graphics and audio

The graphics are beautiful and the individual animations praise the surroundings and sincerely make you experience immersed in the gang wars. You don’t need any crazy expensive hardware to run this game. It’s well optimized.

The ambient music, audio effects and voice over are impeccably fit to the game, drenching you in the activity. The most important thing is that during the Hentai scenes voice is perfect too!

Gameplay and objectives

Ero games implemented support for all devices. You can play on your PC or laptop and if you need to go somewhere you can just switch to your mobile! Game progress is saved on your Erogames account in real time! User interface on all supported devices is clean and simple.

Need For Sin

As we said game is turn based. In every battle you have control over four gang members. You need to customise your team and prepare the best tactics for every turn. There is no room for error, at least if you want to unlock super-hot sluts 😉 but guess what, you can level up every slut and while doing it with every upgrade hentai scene will become more and more intense. Girls will remove their clothing completely. 

Train your gangsters, gain authority, buy yourself a couple of sweet rides. Only after you become stronger, we will be able to get people on our side and punish the damn FBI – Ero Games

Every time you win there is amazing hentai style animation where you can see one of the sluts in different positions and ways of having sex. Those scenes are very detail and realistic. Just to see them in game its well worth your time.


Or if you lose, you dick is going to stay dry

Defeat :'(


There are 50 Heroes you can unlock! All characters have a class that allows them to move longer or to have larger shooting distance. Iven, for example, is a melee character, but he has a special skill that allows him to charge through the half of the map.

You can train your gang members. Training will give them experience and they can level up


During this journey, the player will undertake many different quests and collect rewards. This is not only way to enjoy the game because you have 4 unique daily quest from which you have 24h to claim the rewards and those depends on players level.  

There are also multiple tasks through the game called Victory road. Completing those you will be rewarded with straight cash and gold. So higher the lever, you will be rewarded with bigger reward.

Fight PVP

When you get tired of missions you can involve yourself in some real PVP battles. Setup your best team, use boosts items on them, get a car to make your team as strong as possible. Involve yourself in battles with other players and climb the ranks! Every battle affects your rating during the season!  With every win you get rank points and when you lose – you lose rank points too!

Need for Sin PVP

You receive cash for every win and also for your rank when season end. You are able to receive massive reward if you rank high enough!


You can activate a raid every 8h by clicking on map button and choosing from 1 of the 10 raids available. You need to have a drone for this. Rewards from raids are cars and items.


FREE spin every 8h or you can spin it for 1500 straight cash in order to get amazing prizes


If you are not satisfied with a pace of the game you can always buy Gold, Cash, Drones and special character items and level ups.


If you check out ERO GAMES website not only you will find a wide selection of amazing erotic hentai games with stunning thumbnails, you will also find game support for additional languages such as Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and Russian on top of the already available English and French. This speaks to the ongoing and growing interest worldwide in what was once considered a niche market.

Hentai Games

I was amazed that ERO GAMES has Massive active global community with its most popular game Hentai Heroes counting more then 3.3 million players! And our Game Need for Sin more then 430k Players! Not only that, they have a Wiki site to help the players in almost every game they publish, just like Need for Sin.

Final Thoughts

I need to say, this is not just another RPG game that you will get bored in 20 minutes! Gang Wars, Bloodshed and of course Sexy bitches is the theme many of you will get addicted to. I spent more than 3 hours and I only scratch a service from what this game offers

Need for Sin Review

This game has in depth story and multi-level hero classes. With every hentai scene becomes hotter all of you looking for a game with more adult side will enjoy this game for sure. I can see a minimum of 50 hours of gameplay!
What are you waiting for? Head to Ero Games website and start playing! Thank me later!

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