More Hentai Pics Of Osakabehime From Fate/Grand Order

More Hentai Pictures Of Osakabehime From Fate/Grand Order

Osakabehime from Fate/Grand Order makes her return in today’s second gallery! Being a shut-in is as sweet as nectar itself, internet mail-orders are the Apples of Eden, and binge-shopping e-books and painted figurines brought refreshing feelings resembling a nice pond. Real-life friends are nonexistent to her. Truthfully speaking, originally when she lived 300 years ago, she was a “fox”. But in this meta-only SNS Age, she receive a “refreshing” reply from a certain fox-type housewife Servant, “you are already defeated in the race to claim the fox role!”. As such, Osakabehime was summoned as a bat-motif servant. In today’s second gallery, you will see thirty more hentai drawings of Osakabehime from Fate/Grand Order!

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