Thirty Hentai Pics From The River City Girls game

River City Girls

The River City Girls is scrolling “beat-em up” genre game, also know as brawler. This franchise started back in 1986 and its kept alive since today. Last version of this game was published last year. Its 2D game that has so lot of personalities to show in cartoon style manor. It has amazing colours, clean design which is paired with satirical sense of humour. It is linear arcade game where players progress through a series of left-to-right stage. As every “beat-em up” genre game, it offers fluid non stop fighting motion that continues on unleashing effective combos, heading off enemy attacks, and defeating bosses in multiple stages. River City Girls is something that you will definitely want to check out. But game is nothing without it protagonists brunette hair Misako and red hair Kyoko. We feature those 2 character in today River City Girls hentai gallery!

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