Thirty Hentai Pics Featuring The River City Girls

In today’s second gallery, Misako and Kyoko from River City Girls both make their debut together! River City Girls is a beat ’em up role-playing game in the Kunio-kun franchise. Misako is currently in detention at River City High, accompanied by her best friend Kyoko (even though she does not attend the school, she is also on detention). While Misako is dying of boredom, Kyoko receives alarming news on her phone: a picture of Kunio and Riki, their boyfriends, being kidnapped. Kyoko and Misako decide to spring into action, the only thing standing in their way is the school faculty, who sics the students at them, and the school’s Defense Force. In today’s second gallery, you will see thirty hentai pics of Misako and Kyoko from River City Girls!

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