More Hentai Pictures Featuring Pokemon’s Rosa

More Pokemon Hentai Drawings Featuring Rosa

Our second Pokemon themed gallery of the day also features a returning character from the Black and White 2 games. We last saw Rosa back on August 2nd of this year following a Jessie gallery posted on the same day. Rosa has a counterpart in the manga named Whitley. She and her mother were former members of Team Plasma, who went to hide in Aspertia City. Sbears an uncanny resemblance or has a younger appearance to that of Hilda. If you play as Nate in B&W2, the player character can encounter Rosa in front of the battle subway at Nimbasa City, she will ask you to tag battle with her to defeat the two subway masters, and vice versa. In today’s second Pokemon gallery, you will be treated to 30 softcore and hardcore hentai drawings of Rosa!

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