Erotic Shimakaze Hentai From Kantai Collection

A Kantai Collection Shimakaze Hentai Gallery

We think we’re long overdue for another Kantai Collection hentai gallery, wouldn’t you agree? Thankfully, super-destroyer class Shimakaze is here to welcome back into the series with thirty erotic pictures! Don’t let her big cannons scare you, this light blonde cutie with tiny breast is really just a fragile little girl at heart. Being the only ship in her class, Shimakaze had the stigma of being a loner among the fleet. Shimakaze would later be identified as the little sister of the later introduced Amatsukaze. Who wouldn’t love to look at a young hyperactive and excitable if absent-minded girl? While there is some good ecchi in this gallery. there is also a lot of hardcore and yuri as well.

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