Thirty Hentai Pics Of Shimei Ryomou From Ikki Tousen

Shimei Ryomou

Shimei Ryomou is main character from Ikki Tousen manga and anime series . Ikkitousen inspiration found in Chinese novel called Romance of the Three Kingdoms which story is placed in 200 AD China. Story of this anime is placed in modern day Japan but it has strong connection with original. In Ikki Tousen story is about about turf war between 7 high schools and in original Three Kingdoms those are corrupted local governors and warlords. In the end 3 overlords dominated China. This anime is not rated very good because its very hard for average person who has no background in China history to understand the story. Shimei “Mou-chan” Ryomou has short blue hair, green eyes with eye patch covering one of them. She has large breasts.

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