More Hentai Drawings Of Shoukaku From Kantai Collection

Today, our blog is going to give you a double dose of returning Kantai Collection characters. First up, Shoukaku, a Shoukaku Class Standard Carrier we last saw on June 19th, 2018. Her name translates to “soaring crane” in English. Her hair band bears the insignia of the Imperial Japanese Naval Air Service. Shoukaku was considered the fastest carrier in World war 2 alongside with her sister Zuikaku, about 34.5 knots. Her real life counterpart was sunk by American submarine USS Cavalla on 19 June 1944. Shoukaku’s Kai Ni A remodel is based on the hypothetical scenario of Shoukaku surviving the Battle of the Philippine Sea and receiving upgrades. In our first Kantai Collection gallery of the day, you will be treated to thirty more hentai drawings of Shoukaku, enjoy!

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