Thirty More Hentai Pics From Skullgirls

Skullgirls 27

Skullgirls is an 2D fighting game and we can say its a modern take on classic arcade fighter games. It has beautiful graphic with a hand-drawn HD twist. It was realised on PS and Xbox in 2012 and on PC in 2013. Player can play with 8 characters which we mostly feature in our gallery and those girls are: Filia, Cerebella, Peacock, Parasoul, Ms. Fortune, Painwheel, Valentine, and Double and later they added DLC’s with Eliza. It’s a one-of-a-kind game, which is action-packed competition complete with awesome combos and an intriguing backstory. In this Hentai Gallery we present you with more then 30 Hentai pics! Enjoy!

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