Thirty Hentai Drawings Of Sumoi KP-31 From Girls’ Frontline

Thirty Hentai Drawings Of Sumoi KP-31 From Girls' Frontline

Sumoi KP-31 is one of the “Tactical Dolls” representing a real-world firearm in the mobile strategy game Girls’ Frontline. Official character setting for Suomi states that she is a T-doll with a serious personality and a strong sense of duty, in normal everyday life she is less mature, more innocent than most T-dolls, not very skilled with her speech and phrasing. She highly dislikes all Soviet and Russian guns due to the history between Finland and Russia, even hold grudges against the modern Soviet/Russian weaponry. Suomi is a massive fan of metal music, as evident by many quotations and the Christmas skin background story. Just like the typical behavior of a Finnish person, Suomi would like others to remain a reasonable distance away from her. In today’s first gallery, you will be treated to thirty softcore and x-rated hentai drawings of Sumoi KP-31 from Girls’ Frontline.

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