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More Anchovy Hentai From Girls und Panzer

Today, Anchovy from the Sensha-Dō team in Girls und Panzer makes her first return appearance. In the anime she made only two brief non-speaking appearances. She had a more prominent role in the manga, appearing in Chapters 7 to 9. While initially she gave quite a negative impression, after the match, she was shown in a somewhat better light, desiring victory for her team rather than for herself. Anchovy appeared prominently in the OVA, depicted in a somewhat different way; while she is still hot-blooded, determined and a little bit too self-confident, she is not rude towards her opponents. In today’s first gallery, you will be treated to 30 more hentai drawings of Anchovy from Girls und Panzer.


Anchovy Hentai From Girls und Panzer

Anchovy is a student from Anzio Girls High School, and the overall commander of the school’s Sensha-Dō team in Girls und Panzer. Her real name is Chiyomi Anzai and she operates an Italian Carro Armato P40 and the Carro Veloce CV.33. Anchovy is a girl with small breasts, long pale green hair tied into twin ponytails, and reddish-brown eyes. Anchovy is known for being hot-blooded, arrogant, self-assured, and very demanding. She strongly believes that the only thing that matters is victory, and thus is very scornful to anyone who runs away from battle. In today’s gallery, you’ll be treated to 30 hentai drawings of Anchovy from Girls und Panzer.


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