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Thirty More Hentai Pictures Of Bea From Pokemon

Bea from Pokemon makes her return in today’s second gallery! Bea is a Gym Leader and a user of Fighting-type Pokemon in Sword and Shield. Under her stern exterior, Bea is a sweet person when she smiles, indicating that she can be outwardly nice to trusted people. A speculation on why she rarely smiles is that her strict parents had posed an emotional burden on her during her childhood. In spite of her calmness, she has been hiding her sweet tooth for a long time, until the secret gets unearthed by her fans. In today’s second gallery, you will see thirty more hentai drawings of Bea from Pokemon!


Thirty Hentai Pictures Of Bea From Pokemon SWSH

Bea is a Gym Leader and an user of Fighting-type Pokemon in the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield games. Bea is a slender young girl with tanned skin and both grey eyes and hair. She wears a black bodysuit under her Gym Leader uniform consisting of a white shirt with a black collar, a pair of white shorts with orange and black details as well the number “193” on it. An expert of the Galar karate, Bea is a determined fighter who rarely displays her emotions, has an accurate sense on battle strategies and always remains calm even when facing a crisis. In today’s first Pokemon gallery, you will see thirty sexy hentai drawings of Bea, enjoy!


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