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Thirty More Darjeeling Girls und Panzer Hentai Pics

Darjeeling from Girls und Panzer also makes her return in today’s second gallery! Darjeeling is a third-year student from St. Gloriana Girls College. She is the overall commander of her school’s Sensha-Do team and she operates a British Churchill VII tank. In the spin-off manga Girls und Panzer – Motto Love Love Sakusen desu!, she’s shown to be very easily influenced by novels and media, going as far as to trying to recreate a scene in a love novel with Orange Pekoe. She’s also shown to have a strong obsession of weird things as long as they’re symbolically English, like eel jelly or “driving” a coach. In today’s second gallery, you will see thirty more hentai pics of Darjeeling from Girls und Panzer.


Thirty Darjeeling Hentai Drawings From Girls und Panzer

Our second Girls und Panzer gallery of the day will feature the debut of Darjeeling. She is the overall commander of St. Gloriana Girls College’s Sensha-Dō team and one of the supporting characters of the series. Darjeeling is well known for her calm and chivalrous personality. She has a great many personal mottos, most of which are lifted from famous poets, playwrights and authors. She’s also shown to really like drinking tea, and is nicknamed after the Darjeeling tea. She tends to use puzzling idioms a lot, some of which even Orange Pekoe, her trusted lieutenant and loader, and apparent best friend, can’t understand. In today’s second gallery, you’ll be treated to 30 hentai drawings of Darjeeling from Girls und Panzer.


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