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More Elf Yamada Hentai From Eromanga-Sensei

In today’s update, we’ll be giving you another double dose of hentai from the Eromanga-Sensei series. First up, Elf Yamada returns for her second appearance on our blog. Elf Yamada is a 13-year-old girl who quit school after graduating from elementary and took up an interest in writing manga. She published a few novels and became the best selling author for a few weeks. Eventually, one of her novels got chosen to be an anime. At some point in time, she saw Sagiri Izumi‘s art and wanted Eromanga-Sensei to become her illustrator. She is also extremely intelligent and perceptive, being able to figure out the location and situation about Eromanga-Sensei and eventually her identity. In today’s first gallery, you will see thirty hentai drawings of Elf Yamada from the Eromanga-Sensei series.


Eromanga-Sensei Hentai Drawings Featuring Elf Yamada

Elf Yamada is a 13-year-old manga writer and support character in the Eromanga-Sensei series. She is depicted as a beautiful young girl with white skin, pointy ears, and long blond hair which she curls. She also wears her signature pink and white lolita dress quite frequently. Elf Yamada is a skilled novelist who was the best seller for a few weeks and was popular even after. She is skilled to the point that her novels are recommended for anime. She labels herself a “Greater Novelist” meaning she sold over a million books. In today’s gallery, you will see thirty ecchi and hardcore hentai drawings of Elf Yamada from the Eromanga-Sensei series.


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