Hentai Pictures Of Jeanne D'Arc From Fate/Grand Order

Jeanne D’Arc is a character from Fate/Grand Order who bears a shocking resemblance to Saber (King Arthur) from Fate/Zero and Stay Night. This resemblance is obviously why Caster (Gilles De Rais) mistakes Saber for Jeanne D’Arc in the story of Fate/Zero. Like all characters in the Fate/Grand Order, Jeanne D’Arc has multiple variations and stages of evolution that change her overall appearance. In her base form, Jeanne an armored Ruler-class servant with long blond hair (usually worn in a ponytail). Jeanne alternate persona turns into an Avenger-class servant with white hair (usually cut short). Finally, Jeanne’s 3rd persona is Santa Lily a Christmas themed Lancer-class servant who resembles a girl in her early teens.


Hentai Pictures Of Shuten Douji From Fate/Grand Order

Shuten Douji is another character from Fate/Grand Order, a mobile game based on the Fate Series of anime and manga. There are many origin stories surrounding Shuten Douji. One goes that she was born on Mount Ibuki to Yamata-no-Orochi and a human girl, another says she descended as the Dragon King Kuzuryuu’s godsend. Shuten Douji does not talk about a wish for the Holy Grail. Just like in the past, she lives nowadays as she feels like, behaving to her heart’s content. In addition, she is also a collector of antiques and rarities, showing a keen interest in the red dragon’s ulna dwelling on Kintoki’s arm. Shuten Douji is depicted as a young small breasted girl with purple hair and demon horns.


Hentai Pictures Of Elizabeth Bathory From Fate/Grand Order

Elizabeth Bathory is a character from Fate/Grand Order, a turn-based JRPG video game for Android and iOS mobile devices. She is The Countess of blood that became the model for the vampire Carmilla, but when summoned as a Servant she is a 14-year-old version of herself from before she committed any of her crimes. Elizabeth Bathory currently has three versions of herself in the game; Her default is a Lancer version that attacks with a spear, Second is a Halloween Caster version that uses magic, and third is her Brave Saber version who fights with a sword and shield. All 3 version of Elizabeth Bathory are depicted as a young small breasted girl with pink hair, serpentine tail, and purple horns.


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