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More Hentai Pictures Of Felicia From Darkstalkers

Today’s second returning character from the Darkstalkers series is none other than Felicia. Felicia is an energetic and optimistic American catgirl who was raised by nuns in a convent. Introduced in the 1994 arcade release of Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors and its subsequent sequels, she has also appeared in other games outside of the Darkstalkers series and is one of the most popular Capcom characters ever. She stands out as a hero among all the other Darkstalkers, many of whom are antihero at best. In today’s second gallery, you will be treated to 30 hentai drawings of Felicia from the Darkstalkers series.


Thirty Hentai Pictures Of Felicia From Darkstalkers

We’ve got one more monster girl hentai gallery to share with you this Halloween season and it’s of Felicia from the Darkstalkers series. Felicia is a catwoman who was taken in and raised by a Catholic nun named Rose. When Rose died, Felicia left home hoping to become a pop star. She knew that the outside world was not pretty as it was filled with much prejudice towards Darkstalkers for being different. Despite this, Felicia never lost hope, as she remembered what she was told before that one has to obtain happiness on their own. She wishes there to be a way for peaceful coexistence between Darkstalkers and humans alike. In today’s first gallery you will be treated to 30 hentai drawings of the large breasted and blue-haired Felicia from Darkstalkers.


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