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Thirty More Inappropriate Japanese Shotacon Hentai Drawings

In our first post of the day, we’ll be fulfilling a chat room request for more shotacon hentai. Starting back on April 11th of 2017, the shotacon category has been immensely popular albeit slowly growing topic on our blog. Thirty Little Shotacon Boys With Older Women and Thirty Shotacon Boys Getting Lucky With Older Women were the 3rd and 8th most popular posts of 2019. We’d love to post shotacon hentai galleries more often, but to be honest, the well is running a little dry. We generally space out our shotcon galleries every three months so we can acquire enough images to put together quality galleries like this one. In today’s first gallery, you will see thirty more inappropriate Japanese shotacon hentai drawings, enjoy!


Thirty Dark & Kinky BDSM Hentai Drawings

BDSM has dark and disturbing imagery. A dark, dungeon-like room filled with chains, whips, and cages. Critics use this imagery to claim BDSM is anti-woman. These portrayals are wrong and destroy and ignore the history of BDSM. The history of BDSM is complicated and revolutionary, a history filled with strong women and men. It is a history exposing the creation of gender and questioning social normality. BDSM has become a lifestyle, with its own set of rules and orders, a culture people practice in order to be edgy, to startle by wearing a collar, a rope pentagram, or a puppy mask. In today’s second gallery, you will see thirty dark and kinky BDSM hentai drawings.


Thirty Disgraceful Hentai Girls Caught Peeing

It was in October of 2018 when we first introduced the urination category on our blog. Having only been here for a year, it’s one of the smaller fetish categories we have at the moment. The presence of urine is generally considered erotic for those indulging in the urine related activities. If you ever had the desire to let some hot chick take a piss on you, or if you wanted to humiliate a girl by making her urinate herself, you’ll find a lot to enjoy in these disgraceful hentai images of girls being caught peeing. In today’s second gallery, we expand our urination category with thirty more cute hentai caught girls taking a piss!


More Bondage And Sadomasochism Hentai Drawings

While we do feature them, we don’t post bondage hentai galleries frequently. At least not until this time of year! As we build up to Halloween, our blog will switch focus to all the darker things in hentai. That means we’re going to increase the rate at which we post fetish related galleries like bondage. So if you like looking at tied up girls with worried looking faces, you’re in luck! Some people get offended at the site of beautiful women helplessly restrained with chains, ropes, and duct tape… well, fuck them! In today’s first gallery, you will see thirty bondage and sadomasochism themed hentai drawings.


Thirty Inappropriate Japanese Shotacon Hentai Drawings

Japan is the world leader at taking something totally inappropriate and making it seem mundane and socially acceptable. Shotacon is just one of the many examples we use to prove this point. Shotacon, short for Shotaro complex, is Japanese slang describing an attraction to young boys. It refers to a genre of manga and anime wherein pre-pubescent or pubescent male characters are depicted in a suggestive or erotic manner. The usage of the term in both Western and Japanese fan cultures includes works ranging from explicitly pornographic to mildly suggestive, romantic or in rare cases, entirely nonsexual, in which case it is not usually classified as “true” shotacon. In today’s second gallery, you will see thirty inappropriate Japanese shotacon hentai drawings, enjoy!


Thirty Sadistic Bondage Drawings By Japanese Artists

Are you one of those guys who gets turned on by a restrained girl with fear in her eyes? If so, you definitely don’t want to miss this bondage gallery! This collection of hentai images features nothing but tied up girls with worried looks on their faces. within will see cute girls tied up with ropes and/or shackled with chains in many different humiliating and frightening situations. Everyone knows Japanese girls can be very agile and elusive creatures, and that’s why ropes and chains were invented in the first place. In today’s first gallery, you will see thirty sadistic bondage drawings by top Japanese artists.


Thirty Cute Hentai Girls Shamefully Urinating

Although urine fetishes aren’t quite as rare as you might think, we don’t talk about it that much because we have a culture that is still a bit squeamish about sex. And if there’s anything we’re more squeamish about than sex, it’s bathroom habits. Urination hentai does an excellent job of straddling both lines. Urinating on someone has mixed effects on a person. Pee has legendary properties, as cataloged by Smithsonian Magazine, which cites urine’s ammonia as a powerful cleaning agent that neutralizes dirt and grease and was the secret to 16th-century British textile cleaning techniques. In today’s first gallery, you will see thirty cute hentai girls shamefully urinating!


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