Saori Takebe Hentai From Girls und Panzer

Saori Takebe is the radio operator of the Anglerfish Team and one of the five main protagonists of Girls und Panzer. Saori is a girl with large breasts, long ginger colored hair, and light brown eyes. Together with Aya Oono, she is the only Ooarai character to wear black thigh highs, giving her a somewhat more stylish appearance. Saori is known for her cheerful and bubbly personality and also as a good chatter. She is interested in seeking out good-looking men to be her boyfriend, and claims to be an expert in the art of love and romance, but it is later revealed that she has never actually dated anyone, despite her enthusiasm and charm. In our second gallery of the day, you’ll be treated to 30 hentai drawings of Saori Takebe from Girls und Panzer.


Arisu Shimada Hentai From Girls und Panzer

Arisu Shimada (or Alice Shimada if you’re into dubs) is the commander of the Selection University’s Sensha-dō team in Girls und Panzer. She’s a genius and enrolled into Selection University without ever going to high school. She is the heir to the Shimada Style, a “ninja” style known for its penchant for unanticipated moves and tactical unpredictability. Arisu Shimada is a young pale-skinned girl with light brown eyes and blonde, shoulder-length twin ponytails tied with black ribbons. She is very shy and often can’t speak or runs away in shyness when confronting new people. In our second gallery of the day, you’ll be treated to 30 hentai drawings of Arisu Shimada from Girls und Panzer.


Erika Itsumi Hentai From Girls und Panzer

Girls und Panzer is a 2012 anime series depicting a competition between girls’ high schools practicing tank warfare as a sport. The story takes place in a universe where historical World War II–era tanks are maintained for sport-style warfare competitions and large carrier ships known as Academy Ships support mobile sea communities. Erika Itsumi is a second-year student at Kuromorimine Girls High School. Erika is a medium-sized girl with long light blonde hair and a pair of light blue eyes. She operates a German Tiger II. She can also fly a Focke-Achgelis Fa 223 and an LZ 127 Graf Zeppelin. In our first of many more Girls und Panzer galleries to come, you will be treated to 30 softcore and x-rated hentai pictures of Erika Itsumi.


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