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Thirty More Cute Hentai Girls With Guns

Being shot to death wouldn’t be all that bad if a cute naked girl was behind the trigger, wouldn’t you agree? We honestly wouldn’t care if she used a pistol ,rifle, machine gun, or Sci-Fi blaster… just as long as we saw some titties before we got taken out. In this gallery you’ll see action heroines, assassins, and women who generally kick ass with firearms for a living. Their cute faces and alluring bodies will distract you long enough that you’ll never realize they’ve put you in their cross hairs. In today’s second gallery, you will see thirty more ecchi hentai drawings of cute girls with guns, enjoy!


Thirty Ecchi Hentai Drawings Of Girls With Guns

Today’s second ecchi hentai gallery introduces a new topic to our blog… weapons! More specifically, this gallery only contains images of cute girls carrying guns. From pistols to rifles and even machine guns, every girl here is locked and loaded. So if you feel like you’ve just been shot through the heart, there’s nothing but this hentai gallery to blame. Featuring the cutest girls from popular action based anime and manga, this all ecchi gallery update will have you feeling like you’re in the crosshairs of a lethal lady. So put up your hands and prepare to beg for your life, these hentai cuties are actually killers in disguise.


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