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    Thirty Hot Hentai Girls In Gym Uniforms

    It’s time to revisit a topic first introduced to our clothing category back in June of 2017, gym uniforms! The typical image of a Japanese schoolgirls gym uniform is that of a white short-sleeved shirt and a pair of bloomers. But did you know that those tiny high-cut gym shorts that hug the body and expose the entire thigh haven’t been used in gym class since the 1990’s? Today’s modern uniform replaced the bloomers with unisex, longer-legged shorts. Thankfully those sexy little bloomers live on in infamy, their memory lovingly preserved in manga, anime and on fetish websites. Have fun fapping to this sexy hentai collection of high school girls in gym uniforms, and check back often for new schoolgirl related hentai galleries.


    Hentai Drawings Of Girls Wearing Gym Uniforms

    We’ve got a new subject to add to our clothing related hentai galleries, gym uniforms! In Japan school girls traditionally wear a combination of white short-sleeved shirt and a pair of shorts sometimes referred to as bloomers. Today’s gallery of thirty gym uniform hentai drawings features lots of girls who are of middle and high school age. Breast sizes range from big to small, but a majority of them are on the larger side. Most of these gym uniform hentai drawings are also ecchi, but a few graphic images are included as well. If you enjoy our inaugural gym uniform hentai gallery please consider bookmarking us, we’ll be posting more gym and schoolgirl related hentai galleries again very soon.


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